BETA AIRPORT – Beta-Trans SpA Division

As our Group became a part of the Cargo City of Malpensa, as Airport Handler, the division "Beta Airport - Divisione Beta-Trans S.p.A" was established.
Currently, we are present at the new Malpensa Cargo City with a temporary warehouse of approximately 3,000 square meters. However, Beta-Trans has recently won the competition for the assignment of approximately 13,000 square meters of covered airside. The new structure is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2017.

For over 10 years, the Group had been waiting to be given such opportunity, but due to lack of space and adequate facilities, it had not hitherto been possible.
The structure will be divided into areas according to the main types of goods handled, namely:

  • Import/export bulk goods;
  • BUP (Building Up Pallet) goods packaged directly by the Agents;
  • Oversize goods that exceed the size of pallets;
  • Special goods (perishable, temperature-controlled, hazardous, valuable etc.)
  • Express goods

In the light of the above, the facility shall be necessarily fitted with the following equipment and areas:
  • A/Land-side: it shall be provided with 20 doors for the unloading of export bulk goods;
    1 or 2 doors will be equipped with a connection ramp for vans and smaller trucks:
    1 or 2 doors will be dedicated and connected to the airside for oversize goods;
    1 door will be equipped for the unloading of BUPs, including 20ft pallets;

    The Air-side, shall be fitted with up to 12 doors to allow the incoming of pallets made in the air-side area, which will then be loaded onto dollies and taken to the aircraft;
    2 or 3 doors will be dedicated to oversize and bulk goods;

  • B/ The 2 doors for the unloading of BUPs will be equipped with platforms with roller conveyors and 20-ft lifting appliances.
  • C/ There will be a dedicated area for oversize goods with adequate equipment, including a forklift with a 18-tons lifting capacity;
  • D/ There will be 10 Workstations for the construction/opening of pallets for both import and export. Each platform will be inserted inside a 2.20-metres-deep pit, allowing the platform to be lowered to a depth of 160 cm during the construction of the pallet, in order for the operator in charge of constructing the pallet to always work at a height of 140 cm from the ground.
    All platforms are equipped with motorised rollers and will be connected to the stacker and/or directly to the airside. Each Workstation will be equipped with an electronic scale to weight pallets. The scale also allows to print out a sheet specifying weight, number of pallets etc. In addition, it will be equipped with an electronic device checking the shape and outline of the pallet.
  • E/ There will be s stacker for the storage of all the pallets made as well as of the imported ones, including BUPs. Therefore, the stacker shall contain a sufficient number of pallets in order to manage various cargo flights per day. Initially, it shall contain about 140 pallets, which could possibly be doubled up to a maximum of 260 pallets, by means of the construction of different layers (up to 3).
  • F/ There will be an area of about 600/800 square meters for the construction of refrigerating rooms as follows:
    2 rooms at -25C°, one for HC products, the other for NHC products;
    2 rooms at +2/+8 C°, one for HC products, the other for NHC products;
    1 room at +15/+25 C° for plants, flowers, some pharmaceutical products and vegetables;
  • G/ An external area will be specifically equipped for hazardous goods;
  • H/ In addition, the following areas will also be equipped: An area for valuable goods;
    Customs inspection areas
    DGR areas
    Sensitive goods areas
    An area for goods to be secured
  • I/ There will be a loading/unloading door for express goods, with direct access to the handling areas and with dedicated personnel.
  • L/ The new facility will be certified IATA CEIV PHARMA (Center of Excellence of Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Handling)

In conclusion, we would like to stress the fact that, since the warehouse is still being constructed, it is still possible to make customisations for specific activities.