The professional activity of the "Agenzia Doganale Rag. Giuseppe Bianculli" (Giuseppe Bianculli Customs Agency) began as far back as in May 1957, at the Milan Customs Authority.
Subsequently, following the expansion of the Milan Customs Authority across the Lombardy territory, customs offices were opened at the Linate, Malpensa, Concorezzo and Tubigo airports.

Meanwhile, the business was growing steadily, both with respect to customs activities and to ancillary services to shipments, with a special attention to warehouse management for aviation as well as for maritime activities.
Ever-changing commercial and customs conditions - such as changes in the national and international market and changes with regard to customs regulations for the movement of goods both in EU Member States and outside the EU - brought about, in 1983, the need to establish BETA-TRANS that, without ever neglecting customs operations, intensified the management of warehouses on behalf of third parties, in combination with the authorisation to operate with simplified local clearance procedure for both customs warehousing and for VAT purposes.
Such services were intended for a specific clientele, composed of forwarding agents, freight agents, airlines, maritime companies, consolidators.

In order to meet the specific needs of aviation activities/GSAs, a terminal was designed and built in Sagrate, fitted with modern facilities for the construction and storage of air-cargo pallets. In April 2001, the new establishment was inaugurated and in June that same year, our company won the contest for the management of the cargo sector of AIR FRANCE, one of the leading cargo airlines.
Three years later, thanks to the service provided, the airline KLM also entrusted its shipments to be managed within the same terminal, thus finalising the AF/KLM strategy denominated "The Same Roof". In 2009, ALITALIA CARGO joins AF/KLM and, one year later, the current group was also joined by MARTINAIR. To date, many airlines and GSAs make use of our services dedicated to Air Cargo.
The standard of professionalism achieved was also legitimised by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) as well as by the Customs Agency in three important steps:

  • In December 2003, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority declared BETA-TRANS S.p.A. fit to operate within the Malpensa airport for the carrying out of ground-handling services for goods.
  • In January 2004, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority awarded to BETA-TRANS S.p.A. the prestigious "AUTHORISED HANDLER" qualification, later renamed "REGULATED AGENT" in March 2008, in accordance with European regulations.
  • In March 2009, it obtains the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) customs certification, code: IT AEOF 090053, which qualifies BETA-TRANS S.p.A. as "FULLY-AUTHORISED ECONOMIC OPERATOR FOR CUSTOMS SEMPLIFICATIONS/SAFETY".

On the national territory, customers can count on a covered area of 90 thousand square metres of warehouses and 22 thousand square metres of operational offices dedicated to freight agents, carriers or to their representatives, in addition to the following customs offices:
Moreover, in recent years, the logistics area has developed in order to ensure greater efficiency in the storage, preparation and handling of goods.

The level of quality assurance in our services is directly proportional to the number of companies that have chosen to rely on Beta-Trans S.p.A., also in consideration of the fact that each service is customised according to the particular needs of each client. Beta-Trans S.p.A. has always been investing in the latest technology, in IT platforms and in human resources, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and competitiveness.