The company has been focusing its activities on the management of customs operations, engaging in this field for over 50 years and standing out as one of the first companies in Italy to obtain the simplified Local Clearance Procedure, thus acquiring specific experience and expertise in such institution and in all the specific activities characterising the customs sector.


The operational customs clearance activity is assisted by the CAD Bianculli (Centro Assistenza Doganale - Customs Assistance Centre), created by the same company structure, which manages its own simplified Local Clearance Procedure as well as those of several other companies, and all customs fulfilments in general.

CAD Bianculli and Beta Trans operate in the customs field with a high level of expertise, acquired over time and constituting their shared background. Such expertise also led the both of them to achieve the AEO qualification, making them reliable institutions to the eyes of customs administration.

The activity

consists in carrying out all sorts of customs activities, both in simplified local clearance procedure and in ordinary procedure, thanks to the help of the many customs agents working for the company, providing solutions to all the possible needs in customs matters throught our customs offices but also throught the telematics system nationwide.

The company

has currently over 200 employees; the registered and operating offices are located in Segrate - Milano Oltre (MI). Moreover, there are about 20 Customs Assistance Centres providing simplified local clearance procedures at the customers' facilities. In addition, the company provides complete services for the management of simplified clearance procedures to a number of internationally-renowned freight forwarders, which acknowledged the company as fully reliable and highly professional.

In addition to this

a specific EDI office was created, acting as an ICT platform for the company's simplified Local Clearance Procedure as well as for that of third parties. It interfaces daily with the Central Customs Agency for the management of the computerized customs system, addressing and resolving the critical issues and/or carrying out the necessary updates.


the Beta Trans group - CAD Bianculli means having a unique contact partner and the opportunity to benefit from all the services which are necessary for a time-effective management of customs activities. Our Group engages to meet the challenges of the market and of customers, confident about a future of growth and utmost professionalism.