Handling services for airlines and Freight Forwarders


The Group's growth led to a continuous improvement of warehouse activities, aimed at ancillary services to shipments on behalf of third parties, as well as at generic activities of handling and storage of goods.

Such handling services

are performed on behalf of the main actors in the field of air, maritime and land freights. Shippers, air and maritime carriers or their representatives and transporters, gather their goods at our facilities for our company to carry out the necessary operations to prepare and complete the various shipments.

This activity

is managed in conjunction with customs services, since all the warehouses are authorized to be used as E-type bonded warehouses, with no areas delimitation, managed with the simplified local clearance procedure in addition to temporary deposits, VAT tax warehouses and national warehouses.

The specialization

in the various types of goods and of transport managed by the company, led us to the need to organize different specialised facilities, which are either dedicated solely to shippers, or separately to carriers and logistics, for a total area of about 90.000 square meters of covered warehouses and 22.000 square meters of offices dedicated to customers.

At the end of 2012

in order to provide an even more efficient service, the company has created "BETA CARGO VILLAGE" which, by grouping 6 different structures, is able to provide, from within the same airport facility, the entire supply chain of ancillary services to support the handling of goods. Moreover, together with "BETA OFFICE CENTER", it offers a potential synergy of services for the customers' activities.

Celle Frigorifere Cool Zone

Celle Frigorifere Cool Zone

The high degree of specialization

achieved for air operations has meant that the work done outside the airport was so developed to make more and more necessary the need to manage air carriers directly also in the airport.

Currently we are present at the new Cargo City of Malpensa with a temporary warehouse of approximately 3,000 square meters, but Beta Airport (Beta-Trans division) has managed to win the competition for the assignment of approximately 13.000 square meters covered airside. The delivery of the new structure is expected by the end of 2016.

They were more than 10 years that the BETA-TRANS tried to obtain this kind of opportunity, but for the lack of space and adequate structures had not been possible up to now.

This new opportunity has created the possibility to switch from a Handler, complete but still off-line, to a Handler online at Malpensa, entering the inner circle of the few airport cargo operators in Italy.

The structure will be divided into areas according to their main types of goods and needs:


Area of ​​incoming goods / unloading of trucks with export / import unpackaged goods ;


Area for unloading and storage of export / import BUP;


Area equipped for unloading and palletizing of oversize goods and / or particularly heavy;


Work Station for building / opening of export / import pallets;


Area for the storage of import / export pallets (Staker);


Area for controlled-temperature goods


Area for unloading / loading of dangerous goods;


Areas for particular goods;


Doors and areas for the express activities


Area for goods to be secured

Efficiency in the storage, preparation and handling of goods


In recent years, thanks to the continued corporate growth of the group, the ​​logistics area has developed in order to ensure greater efficiency in the storage, preparation and handling of goods.
The warranty of services quality is immediately reflected in the number of companies that have chosen to rely on Beta-Trans SpA also in consideration of the relationship built according to the particular needs of each customer.
Beta-Trans SpA invested in the latest technology, in computing platforms and human resources in order to offer the maximum efficiency and competitiveness.
THE COMPUTER SYSTEM (WMS) management allows to interface with all operating systems available on the market and it can be consulted by the customer through the web, so he can check at any time the placement of goods, days of storage, the availability and storage.
The warehouse is equipped with racks suitable for the containment of the articles on pallets, while for the articles of small and medium size there is the possibility of containment in a modular way in special shelving scaleable.