Since its founding, the history of our Group can be summarised through the following important steps:


  • • 1957

    the 'Giuseppe Bianculli S.a.s.' Customs Agency was founded in Milan
  • • 1960

    the first offices opened at Linate Airport and subsequently also at Malpensa Airport
  • • 1983

    BETA-TRANS was founded in Segrate
  • • 1988

    first establishment in Segrate with a 3,000-sqm warehouse and a 1,500-sqm office area;
  • • 1997

    second establishment in Segrate with a 3,000-sqm warehouse and a 1,200-sqm office area;
  • • 2002

    new facility in Segrate (MI), including a 12,000-sqm warehouse and a 2,500-sqm office area, terminal dedicated to the needs of airlines;
  • • 2003

    In December 2003, BETA-TRANS S.p.A. obtained from ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) the license to operate at Malpensa Airport for the carrying out of ground handling services for goods.
  • • 2004

    In January 2004, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority awarded to BETA-TRANS S.p.A. the prestigious "AUTHORISED HANDLER" qualification, later renamed "REGULATED AGENT" in March 2008, in accordance with European regulations.
  • • 2006

    2 facilities opened in Redecesio Segrate and in Segrate for a total warehouses area of 10,000 sqm and an office area of 3,000 sqm;
  • • 2008

    In August 2008 a new structure was established in Pioltello (MI), which included a 12.000-sqm warehouse area and a 4.000-sqm office area;
  • • 2009

    In March 2009, the company obtained the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) customs certification, code: IT AEOF 090053, which qualified BETA-TRANS S.p.A. as "FULLY-AUTHORISED ECONOMIC OPERATOR FOR CUSTOMS SEMPLIFICATIONS/SAFETY".
  • • 2011

    In July 2011 a new customs office providing airport assistance for documentation of goods opened at Malpensa Airport;
  • • 2011

    CAD Bianculli obtained, in May 2011, a AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) customs certification, code 110419 ITAEOC, which qualified it as "AUTHORIZED OPERATOR FOR CUSTOMS SIMPLIFICATIONS ".
  • • 2011

    In September 2011 an operating branch opened at the Prato Interport with a 4,000-sqm warehouse area and a 1,500-sqm office area dedicated to handling and customs activities;
  • • 2011

    operating branch opened, in October 2011, at the Bologna Interport, with a 4.000-sqm warehouse area and a 1,000-sqm office area dedicated to handling and customs activities;
  • • 2012

    In October 2012, an operating office opened at the VTE (Voltri Terminal Europa) of Genoa Voltri;
  • • 2012

    In November 2012 BETA CARGO VILLAGE was inaugurated in Segrate, with a total area of 92.000 sqm, including a covered area of 28.000 sqm.
  • • 2015

    In April 2015 "BETA CARGO OFFICE" opened in Segrate, at "Palazzo Caravaggio" in the Milano Oltre Management Centre, in order to offer a greater availability of offices alongside all warehouse storage activities.
  • • 2015

    In April 2015 Beta-Trans was entrusted the use of a temporary warehouse of 3,000 sqm at the Cargo City in Malpensa. By the end of 2016, Beta-Trans will be opening a 13,000-square-meters covered warehouse.

Currently, the company can count on an overall area of 200,000 sqm, of which 90,000 sqm of covered warehouse and 22,000 sqm of covered office spaces.